Video Streaming - Dynamic Workouts Hub

Organize and present videos in a well-structured layout.

Navigate seamlessly through our extensive collection of workouts organized by categories. Whether you're into strength training, cardio, or yoga, our intuitive category layout allows you to find the perfect workout to match your goals and preferences.

Video streaming: Display the videos in a full layout

Get an in-depth look at each workout with detailed video class pages. Engage with captivating thumbnails, titles, and trainer avatars to preview what each class entails.

Multi Layouts: Tailor Your View

Tailor your viewing experience with four layout options. Choose the "default" layout for a balanced view, opt for "1 video layout" for a focused perspective, go for "2 video layout" to compare two videos seamlessly, or select "4 video layout" to create a comprehensive training dashboard.

  • default
  • 2 videos
  • 4 videos
  • Present - 1 video

Multi play options: Your Control, Your Pace

Take control of your training with three playback options. Use "Auto Play" for a hands-free experience, switch to "Manual" to control video playback at your own pace, or simplify the process with "Simple" mode for uninterrupted training sessions.

  • Auto Slide: Seamlessly transition between videos for a fluid workout experience.
  • Simple: Switch between videos with a click, maintaining control over your workout flow.
  • Manual: Take charge of your workout by manually selecting and switching between videos.

Boxing Rounds: Amp Up Your Boxing Workouts

For boxing enthusiasts, our dedicated Boxing Rounds feature offers a structured and challenging series of rounds, ensuring an authentic and effective boxing workout.

More features: Enhanced User Interaction

Elevate your video streaming experience with additional user-centric features that go beyond the basics. Rate your favorite classes, control the sound with a convenient mute/unmute option, and effortlessly save classes to your wishlist for future sessions. Personalize your journey and make the most out of every workout with these enhanced user interaction features..

  • Rating: Share Your Feedback
  • Mute/Unmute Sound: Your Audio, Your Way
  • Save as wishlist
  • Video streaming instruction

Dark and Light Theme Switcher: Set the Tone

Personalize your visual experience with the Dark and Light theme switcher. Choose the theme that suits your mood and workout environment, enhancing both comfort and style.

Trainer profile: Connect with Your Guides

Learn more about your trainers with our Trainer Info feature. Access information about their expertise, certifications, and even follow them for updates on their latest classes.

Social Sharing: Spread the Fitness Vibes

Share your favorite workouts and achievements on social media platforms directly from the Workout Hub. Inspire your friends and followers to join the fitness revolution.