Live stream - Powering Interactive Online Classes

Immersive Live Stream Experience

Immerse yourself in our intuitive live stream layout, featuring the trainer's video and real-time student interactions. Watch, learn, and engage in a dynamic online classroom setting.

Collaborative Learning with Shared Videos

Enhance the learning experience by sharing specific video streams during the live session. Provide additional context or showcase relevant content to enrich the training session.

Real-Time Interaction with Chat

Foster a sense of community and engagement with our chat feature. Trainers and students can communicate in real time, facilitating discussions, questions, and a collaborative learning environment.

Broadcast Important Messages

Stay connected with your students by sending broadcast messages during the live stream. Share important updates, announcements, or additional instructions to enhance the overall learning experience.

Enhanced Livestream Control: Voice, Full Screen, Livestream Subject

Take control of your live stream with additional features such as voice controls, full-screen viewing, and the ability to specify the subject of your livestream. Customize your online class experience to suit your training style and requirements.